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Habitat The Game’s biggest update yet!

Happy New Year Habitaters! We are hitting 2017 with force, starting with our largest and most significant update since the launch of Habitat the Game.

Habitat has always strived to connect our players to nature by encouraging them to get out and explore the world. Yet, we would be lying if we said we had not been inspired by Pokemon Go’s ability to get people outdoors.

That inspiration has led to a revamp of our unique pin system. Until today each pin would only appear in a single location. Now we can spread pins more widely, reaching more players.

Pin locations encourage players to explore their natural environment, from parks to waterways to urban green spaces. Players can collect pins that represent animals, locations or plants in their local areas and learn all about their pin.

Humpback Whale Virtual pin biru-pin

These local pins can then be traded with other players from across the planet!

Our unique pin system incorporates exercise, education and gaming in the real world.

This new update combined with our recent surge in player numbers (15,000 in one day!) sets us up for a brilliant 2017.

We look forward to hearing from our players in the coming weeks! Please let us know places you think pins should appear in your neighborhood.

Habitat Is the Pokemon Go for kids

If you are yet to hear of the phenomenon of Pokemon Go you will!!

People are running around the world “catching” virtual Pokemon on their phones.
In Habitat we have our virtual pin system where kids can find virtual pins of their favourite animals, plants and places. They can trade these pins with other players around the world.

At Habitat we aim to keep our players safe so they don’t show up on the map like Pokemon and they remain anonymous. We do not collect data on our kids.

Inspired by Pokemon’s success we are going to make some cool changes to our system we will allow the same pin to be collected from different locations and we are talking to our partners to see about adding merchandise rewards on the back of the pins collected eg get 20% off at the zoo shop.

Habitat pins in USA

Habitat the Game celebrates partnership with Wilderquest

Habitat is celebrating its partnership with Wilderquest. We caught up with Amy Wardrop who is WilderQuest's Digital Project Manager for Visitor Experience and Education at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Wilderquest pins -


Habitat the Game partners with Wilderquest


In the game Habitat rewards players for visiting real world locations. We have been working with tourism bodies such as Scotland, Western Australia, New Zealand plus National Parks and Zoos around the world. We now have 160 locations in 15 countries.

The virtual pins collected at these sites can also be traded with players around the world.

To find out more about how to trade pins you can watch our tutorial at:

Habitat the Game - Tutorial on how to trade pins

Habitat has been Nominated at iKids

Breaking News


Habitat has been nominated at the iKids Awards at Kids Screen in the Best Kids Learning App (Smartphone) category.


The iKids Awards will be held during The Kidscreen Summit in Miami in February 2015. iKids Awards recognizes and celebrates the market’s best digital media products and platforms for children.


It is a great opportunity for our team to show off Habitat to the world and meet with broadcast and distribution channel partners.

[caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Habitat nominated at iKids Habitat nominated at iKids[/caption]


On September 21, the day of the People’s Climate March, Habitat will place two virtual pins along the March’s Route. These pins will be one off unique pins that kids/players will only be able to pick up on the day of the march.

People who attend the climate march will be able to play Habitat and be rewarded for their participation in the march. This activity will be appealing to kids in the march with their parents.

Habitat the Game will pop two virtual pins along the route of the march: one at the start in Columbus Circle and the other at the finish at 34th Street. Players will capture these unique pins when they are within 50m of the designated area.

The pins will be branded with the 350NYC logo.

The first pin the players collect is a climate change pin where the focus of the multiple-choice will be on climate change. The second pin will be an animal pin – the three multiple-choice questions on the pin will focus on what is at stake for the animals.

Habitat the Game is available to download for free on all iOS, Android and tablet devices. Visit www.habitatthegame.com to learn more, or find the app on iTunes and Google Play.

To learn more about how the location services work in the game watch the video and visit the following links:  http://youtu.be/FOWUuHwLUM4


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