game help

How do I sign in?

After you have rubbed the bear at the
start of the game the game goes to a
screen where you will fill in.

Your Bear Name
A User Name
A Password

We collect this information so we can let you know your score. We are not collecting any of your personal data though so make sure you remember your password as we are not storing it for you.

Pick a fun username, do not use your own name.

How do I care for my bear?

In order to keep your bear healthy you have to play mini games and do real world actions.

The three icons above the bear on the home screen represent the three areas of bear health. You need to keep these in balance to keep your bear healthy. The bear has a number of different levels of health.  If the your bear is not cared for it leaves the game.

1. The fish is the way you feed the bear,

2. The heart is how you “love your bear, and

3. The paw is where you do your real world actions.

Presses these icons to play the activities.


What are real world missions?

Clicking on the paw icon takes you to the real world play which is the unique point of Habitat. You can chose to do fast (daily) or slow (weekly) missions.

Each of these missions are backed up by algorithms from Sydney University who are measuring what you have saved in terms of water, land and carbon. By completing real world missions the parks health remains high. If real world missions are not completed then the parks health falls into neglect. The parks health is visually reflected in the game.

Real World Missions are based on an honor system. A good Habitat player is an honest Habitat player.

Quick Missions

These quick missions are a mixture of quick actions ie turning off a light and answering quiz questions that are about your bear or about topics relating to your real world actions.

Weekly Missions

You can do harder missions where you plot your behaviours across a week.

You will receive  daily reminders to log  your behaviour for the day.

If you complete a weekly task you may be rewarded with a special game.

How do I invite my friends?

A Friend Code system will be used to connect you to other players.

When you wish to add a friend to Habitat, you go to their player profile and select Add a Friend. A popup window provides a choice: Have a Code or Make a Code. Make a Code generates a code that you player can pass onto your friend. A six-digit alphanumeric code (for example ECO878) is created. This code cannot be copied in software. You provide this code to your friend, who repeats the same process, but selects Have a Code, and enters this code into a popup window and your friend connection is confirmed. The next time you login, you will see a popup confirming that you’ve added your friend successfully.

You will be able to your friends position on the leader board, and basic statistics about their bears and happiness level.

Trading pins

We are keen to see Habitat players head outside and explore the world.

We will reward you for going outside and finding Habitat locations.

There are currently over 100 Habitat pins in 13 different countries around the world; to find the virtual pins make sure you turn on the location services and sign in.

When you are near a Habitat location you will be notified about the location and which unique virtual pin you will find.

There are a number of ways you can search for pins:

-       Use the map to see the pins around you and around the world,

-       By country; will show you what pins are available in each country,

-       By Pin; type in the name of the pin you would like to find.

At each Habitat location there is a unique virtual pin you can collect. These pins can be traded at a later date.

When you are close enough to the pin, tap on the pin to collect. The pin is instantly added to your Pin Gallery.

For additional Habitat points answer the multiple-choice questions on the reverse side of the pin.

Collecting more than one pin

You can collect up to three of each pin at any one time. Although you do have to wait 30 minutes after collecting your first pin before you can receive your second pin at that location.

Your Pin Gallery will show which pins you own, how many of each pin you have and what pins you have up for trading.


Once you have collected a pin it automatically goes into your trading list, ie the trading icon is on. You can turn off the trading icon by simply tapping it when your pin is full screen.

If another player puts one of your pins on their wish list you will be notified they would like to make a trade. You will be able to see what pin/pins they will offer in return for you pin.

You then have three choices:

-       accept their offer,

-       reject their offer or

-       ask them to make another offer.

Trades between two players will stay open for an hour and you can trade up with five different players at a time.

Any pins you would like to add to your gallery can be added by tapping them on your wish list. You can find pins to add to your wish list by doing either a search by country or by pin name.

There are currently 102 pins you can collect. They are located in the following countries:

Costa Rica
New Zealand

You will need to work with other players around the world to get the full set of pins.