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This Sustainability Learning Guide, is based on Habitat the Game, and has been designed to engage and inspire students, teachers and the wider community to play Habitat and take personal and community actions on sustainability. This guide is a dynamic and interactive resource that can be used to extend sustainability actions beyond time in the classroom and while looking at screens.

It has been created for years 3,4,5 and 6.

The methodology used to develop the Guide included collaboration from a wide range of stakeholders including teachers, students and environmental educators from Australia. It links to the National Australian Curriculum. Many of these activities have been inspired by existing materials created by the BBC, NatGeo, The Coal Loader Sustainability Guide and NASA.

Sustainability is one of the core curriculums in the National Australian Curriculum. Download the link here:

Habitat Unit plans

This guide can be used as a 10 week unit or individual plans. When using the individual plans it is valuable to download the whole learning guide below.

Habitat the Game Learning Guide - offers a full Version of the guide that includes all of the Lesson Plans.


Climate Change Threatened and Endangered species
Climate Change & Species HABITAT
Unit exploring the effects Climate Change will have on different species across the world. Students begin by learning about different animal habitats and the impacts and issues different regions are facing. They are also encouraged to look at the links between human choices and environmental impacts.

Endangered species
Polar Bear HABITAT
Unit explores the Habitat of the Polar Bear and what are some of the issues this animal is facing. They will begin by learning all about the Polar Bear.

Animals and their Habitats
Animals and their Habitats

Unit explores different animals and their Habitat. It is possible for teachers to incorporate a local field trip. Students start to think about the habitat requirements of different animals.

Ecological Footprinting
This unit explores the impact of human decisions on the environment. Students learn about the impacts in terms of carbon, water and land used/saved.

Weather v Climate
Explore the differences between weather and climate. Students will understand why people study climate change.

Climate Science and Global warming
Climate Science and Global Warming
Explore the environmental impacts of climate change by looking at carbon. Learn about the concepts of climate change and global warming.

Alternative and Renewable Energy
Alternative Energy and Renewables

Unit explores the different types of energies that are used and the positives and negatives of each. Students start by thinking about the layout of their homes and the way energy is used.

Water Conservation, recycling and reuse
Unit looks at the amount of water on earth. How much is drinking water? Students will understand the importance of water saving and what systems, devices and behaviour can be used to reduce water consumption.

Waste minimization
This unit looks at the waste management hierarchy. They will be able to identify different strategies to avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle waste.

Sustainability and Habitat the Game
This unit looks at the concept of sustainability. They will start by identifying some features of a sustainable world and represent them visually.

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