New Zealand

Everyone knows that New Zealand has some of the coolest birds in the world, now you can have your very own colourful New Zealand bird. Currently New Zealand has 15 pins and they are all based in Wellington.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation  has placed six pins in the marine reserve including:

New Zealand Fur Seal



Blue Cod

Little Blue Penguin

Long-Finned Eel

They even have signs at these locations so you know you are near a pin:

Wellington Zoo has created a pin of their much loved Sasa a Sun Bear.

Wellington City Council have placed the Koura and Silver Treefern in the middle of the city.

The most charismatic little kiwi Manukura has had a pin named after her and this little white kiwi can be found at Pukaha Mount Bruce.

Greater Wellington Regional Council  have placed the North Island Brown Kiwi and The Black Oyster Catcher.

Rounding out the 11 pins are the Tuatara, Kaka and the Hihi which can be found at Zealandia.