How does it benefit my child?


The unique part of Habitat is that kid’s will be encouraged to undertake real world actions to keep their bear alive.

The Habitat team is really keen to explore the intersection of gaming and real world outcomes. It is suggested that the average young person racks up 10,000 hours of gaming by their early 20′s. So how can we use take the positive aspects of gaming out into the real world?

Players will be rewarded for their real world actions. Everytime they undertake a positive environmental action they will be rewarded with Habitat points and they will also learn about their real world savings.  Sydney University have developed the algorithms that will keep track of the kid’s behaviours, showing them how much water, energy and land they have saved.

Kids will also be rewarded for visiting locations. Children are going outside less and less to engage with nature. One article we saw recently suggested kids are going out 70% less than they did two generations ago. We are keen to encourage kids to head out into the world while still being able to use technology.

Real World Locations

We are working with our friends at the World Conservation Society, The Rainforest Alliance and more to ensure we have cool locations around the world for them to visit.

The app will instantly tell them when they are near a location. When kids find a Habitat location they will instantly be rewarded with Habitat points and a unique pin. They will be able to trade these pins with other players across the globe.