How do we use the friend code generator?


Because players will be underage, a Friend Code system will be used to connect one player to another. This real-world transfer of an access code discourages the connection of kids without a real-life conduit.

When a player wishes to add a friend to Habitat, they go to their player profile and select Add a Friend. A popup window provides a choice: Have a Code or Make a Code. Make a Code prompts them to enter an email address. When a valid address is entered, they tap the Add Friend button. This generates a six-digit alphanumeric code (for example ECO878). This code cannot be copied in software. The player provides this code to their friend, who repeats the same process, but selects Have a Code, and enters this code and their friend’s email address into a popup window. If email and code correspond, a friend connection is confirmed. The next time the original player logs in, they will see a popup confirming that they’ve added their friend successfully.

In addition to this confirmation process, players will never be in a position to share personal data with each other using Habitat. Players will be able to see which medals a friend has completed, and basic statistics about their bears and happiness level, but will not have access to photos or essay information. In this way players are protected from potentially exchanging information about location or real life detail.